Health Benefits of Flowers

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  1. Roses
    1. Antidepressant, boosts self esteem and fights depression
    2. Treats wounds, by applying directly to injured area, protects area from becoming sceptic
    3. Protection against viruses, when used in its rose oil composition
    4. Aphrodisiac, boosts libido function
    5. It contains good bactericide: Rose essential oil can be used in the treatment of typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, food poisoning and other diseases which are caused by bacteria.
    6. Laxative, effective method with no side effects
  2. Peonies
    1. Eases emotional nervous ailments
    2. Peony extract in the form of tea has a multitude of health benefits:
      1. Reduces liver damage from toxins
      2. Lowers blood pressure
  • Stomach cramps, premenstrual cramping, muscle cramps and hardening of the arteries
  1. Tulips
    1. A poultice made of tulip petals can relieve skin rashes, bee stings, mosquito bites
    2. Red tulip petals poultice can be used as a natural blush and will aid in removal of skin blemishes and spots
    3. Petals can be made into a cream that relieves skin irritation and is used in the Netherland to relieve cracked worn hands
  2. Lavender
    1. Dried lavender has been used to aid sleep for centuries, either sewn into pillows or placed in vases in bedrooms. It also wards off moths.
    2. A drug made from lavender aids digestion, relieves flatulence and acts as an antiseptic, while lavender water can be used as a skin tonic and antiseptic skin wash for
  3. Cactus Plant
    1. Stabilizing Blood Sugar - Cactus leaves have been proven have anti-hyperglycemic effect for people who suffer from diabetes and other metabolic syndrome.
    2. Weight loss - Cactus leaves contains high amounts of fiber that can help to lose weight. The fiber in cactus leaves can maintain normal blood sugar levels and promotes satiety, reduce hunger and also control the calories intake to the body. Cactus leaves will surely be a great meal during your diet weeks.
    3. Improve Digestion - The presence of insoluble dietary fiber in cactus leaves can improve bowel movement and ease the food to pass the digestion tract. High dietary fiber in cactus leaves also promotes peristaltic movement and makes the food easier to digest.
    4. Stomach Issues - High fiber in cactus leaves can promote bowel movement and add bulk to the stool. The cactus leaves also absorb water from the colon and can make the defecation process go easier. If you experience constipation, consuming cactus leaves in your meal can significantly relieve your constipation. Cactus leaves can soothe the stomach and calming the uncomfortable feeling such as vomiting, nausea and etc. Cactus leaves considered as cool vegetable and can help to relieve problem within the digestive tract.
    5. Protects the Liver Cactus leaves are high in antioxidant and flavonoids. They can neutralize free radicals effect before they enter the liver. The antioxidant content on cactus leaves also can absorbs toxins, and helps the liver work to flush away the toxin from the body.
    6. High Antioxidants
      1. The antioxidant content in cactus leaves will reduce and prevent the body from inflammation that caused by free radicals effects.
      2. The high antioxidant components in cactus leaves also provide protection against most types of cancer.
    7. Mood Enhancers
      1. Improve Anxiety – A 2008 study showed that flowers reduced patient’s anxiety and made them feel better about their recovery from a hospital stay.
      2. Sleep Aid
      3. Improve Memory – studies have shown rosemary oil made from roses improves short term memory
      4. Emotional Well Being – Red for some means love, for others anger, yellow is associated with love and happiness, blue, calm or sadness and green to safety.
      5. Productivity -Going back to the idea of colour, red is connected to concentration and attention to detail, while blue is considered a better way to encourage creativity and free-thinking. So, if you notice a lot of plants with the same colour around your office, your boss might be trying to tell you something.

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